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A Memorable Evening With Sharon Stone in Tiburon

A Memorable Evening With Sharon Stone in Tiburon

A Memorable Evening With Sharon Stone in Tiburon | SFLUXE 10

“We don’t kiss until it gets to double digits.”

That was Sharon Stone’s playful taunt to eager auction-goers at the recent Hotbed Benefit in Tiburon to raise their bids. And it worked!

Few know how to work a benefit crowd as well as Stone, and she pulled out all the stops in getting guests to put down their champagne, raise their paddles and write some checks in support of 10,000 Degrees, a nonprofit organization that helps under-privileged youth get into college.

Sharon Stone, Victoria Noyes, Galen Drever

The annual event is one of the highlights of the Summer social season in the Bay Area, and this year, with Stone co-hosting with Joe Jonas, it was the most exciting, in a setting of breathtaking beauty along the San Francisco Bay. The auction was followed by an elegant fashion show of a custom Enchanted Garden themed collection by T. Rains.

Stone’s presentation was the first time that we’ve seen an auction that was actually a lot of fun, with the actress peppering the presentation with cheeky observations, ranging from President Obama’s ambitions for his last term, to her appreciation of Pope Francis (“He’s the best dressed Pope. All white! He’s the chicest Pope.”)

Monaz Mehta, Aubrey Brewster

Stone’s act paid off big — we’re told the event raised more than double last year’s amount, totaling over $280,000.

And yes, at least one lucky bidder got his kiss.

Lance Lin, Guillaume Coutheillas, Bahya Murad, Mark Calvano, Doug Waggener
Nicole Needham, Robert Krohn
Joe Jonas, Claudia Ross, Tiffany Cummins
Zara Jacobs Gourji, Juliet Belkin
Shanena Gunn, Justin Fichelson, Lisa Alexander and Ryan Biggs
Janelle Hardiman, Joel Goodrich, Anne Laury, Karen Tamblyn
Bahya Murad, Ted Hannig
Shugufa Habibi, Roh Habibi, Michael Kuluva, Brian Wendland
Nelson Hee, Angella Sprauve, Emillio Mesa

More information about 10,000 Degrees is available at

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