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A Day With ISLY’s Sobia Shaikh

A Day With ISLY’s Sobia Shaikh

A Day With ISLY's Sobia Shaikh | SFLUXE
sobia shaikh
Sobia Shaikh
Photo: Lauri Levenfeld

Readers of SFLuxe will recognize Sobia Shaikh from our coverage of her as one of the City’s most beautiful and chicest women, photographed at the most important events with her charming husband Nadir Shaikh, both looking glamorous and carefree.

But we personally know another side of Sobia — Sobia as a devoted mother and hardworking business owner, who does all the regular mom things (hours at soccer practice!), while launching her new ISLY handbag line with coverage in obscure little magazines like, you know, People and Oprah!

The Chaandi bag from ISLY Handbags

And so we were delighted to see her featured recently at a fashion site called, in which she shared photos from a recent trip to her native Pakistan, where she sourced fabrics for her 2013 collection. ISLY is unique in that the bags are all handmade in San Francisco using hand-dyed and hand-woven fabrics from micro-communities in Pakistan.

sobia shaikh
Sobia Shaikh in Pakistan

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