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A Century of Commitment by JLSF

A Century of Commitment by JLSF

Andra von Behren, Heidi Kuhn (guest speaker), Susie Hoganson (event co-chair & JLSF President 1991-1992), Trish Otstott (event co-chair & JLSF President 1998-1999), Lisa Grotts (dinner chair)

The Junior League of San Francisco, Inc. (JLSF) recently celebrated 100 years in existence with “A Century of Commitment,” a special birthday dinner catered by McCall’s.


Debbi Bocci (former JLSF fashion show chair), Marsha Monro (former JLSF fashion show chair), Dolly Chammas (former JLSF fashion show chair)

The event was held in the Rotunda of City Hall, with Susie Hoganson and Trish Otstott as co-chairs and Lisa Grotts as dinner chair. To mark the event, a centennial scarf was given to guests, depicting the 100-year history. “Happy Birthday Junior League” was sung at the conclusion, with enormous gold and pink balloons dropping from the ceiling! Sponsors for the evening included Bank of the West, Deloitte, JCB Winery, CPMC Foundation, Wells Fargo Foundation, Niantic Corporation and KPMG.


Lion Dancers from Chinatown ushered guests into dinner

Special guest speaker was Heidi Kuhn of Marin County, founder and CEO of Roots of Peace, an organization dedicated to the eradication of landmines worldwide. In 1997, Kuhn was inspired by the late Princess Diana’s humanitarian efforts to educate the world of the danger and destruction of landmines. She pursued the support of Napa Valley vintners to transform “mines to vines” by supplying grapevines to be planted in the ravaged grounds of the war-torn countries.

Paul Dean, Heidi Kuhn, Gary Kuhn, Shirley Dean

Paul Dean, Heidi Kuhn (guest speaker), Gary Kuhn, Shirley Dean

Shirley Dean and Paul Dean, dinner patrons and owners of Spiriterra Vineyards in the Napa Valley, made a $100,000 gift to begin the mine removal work in the area of Husan, a Palestinian community west of Bethlehem and southwest of Jerusalem. The Deans were inspired by Daniel Yuval, an 11-year-old Israeli boy who lost his leg when he stepped on a land mine in the Golan Heights.

Merrill Kasper, Layne Gray, Jennifer Johnston, Leslie Ryder – Marc Loupe, Anette Harris

JLSF President Jennifer Johnston shared her exuberance that night of the momentous event that celebrates the thousands of members both past and present. “Throughout our 100 year history, JLSF women have endeavored to be the first to identify the most pressing needs in the community and create the partnerships to best address those needs and make a lasting impact. I have no doubt that over the next 100 years we will see even greater results.”

Lily Samii, Lisa Grotts – Lisa Grotts, Debra Leylegian

And in her remarks, dinner chair Lisa Grotts noted that, “The training that League members received over the years set the foundation to help many other bay area non-profit organizations.” At the dinner were a sprinkling of those League and community volunteers: co-chairs Susie Hoganson and Trish Otstott, Sallie Hunting, Anne Marie Massocca, Gretchen de Baubigny, Anette Harris, Debbie Bocci and Dolly Chammas to name a few.

Eve Wertsch (former JLSF fashion show chair), Susie Hoganson (event co-chair & JLSF President 1991-1992), Teresa Briggs
Dolly Chammas

Dolly Chammas (former JLSF fashion show chair), Lynn Lubbock (former JLSF fashion show chair), Sallie Huntting (former JLSF fashion show chair)

Loree Dowse, Schuyler Hudak (former JLSF fashion show chair), Andra von Behren

Bill Moore, Anette Harris (JLSF President 2000-2001), Belva Davis (former JLSF Watch honoree), Marc Loupe
Courtney Bocci

Front row: Wendy Armstrong, Courtney Bocci (former JLSF fashion show chair), Sophia Belloli / Back row: Jasmine Stirling, Sabrina Lowell, Michelle Curtis Harris (2013 JLSF fashion show chair), Kristen Hall, Devon Dievel, Sealy Livermore