Harvard Still Wating For Ellison’s Check

(photo, Bart Nagel)

Forbes reports that Larry Ellison has still not followed up on his pledge to donate $115 million to Harvard University, yet he has spent approximately $200 million on his yacht. As his net worth is estimated at $16 billion, it’s puzzling that he hasn’t given the university the money, even though he said last year that it was “absolutely going to happen.” The dean of Harvard’s School of Public Health, Barry R. Bloom, is “pessimistic” that Ellison will make good on the pledge.

So what’s going on? We have no idea, but we did hear that after PBS threatened not to ship the special pledge drive package of “Lawrence Welk Does the Polka” DVDs until he sent in his fifty dollar check, they got paid right away. Maybe Harvard needs a similar tactic. A Yanni CD collection and autographed poster oughta do the trick.

  • Article: “Oracle’s Ellison Stalls Harvard” [Forbes]

Update: Ellison’s office says he will not be making the donation.

  • News via CIO