15 Minutes with Catt Sadler


This month’s cover model for San Francisco’s new “944 Magazine” takes a few minutes out of her busy schedule as E! TV host, part-time actress and full-time mom of two to chat about this week’s visit to San Francisco for the magazine’s big launch party.

D: Catt, you have such an interesting, varied background, starting with a childhood in Indiana. Of the places you’ve lived, including San Francisco, which is your favorite?

C: I was born and raised in Indiana, so that has a special place in my heart, without question. That’s where all my family lives to this day. But San Francisco has a whole lot of meaning to me as well.

D: When were you here?

C: About ten years ago. I had my first son in San Francisco. I got engaged in San Francisco. If I could pick any city truly to live in, to this day, I really think it would be San Francisco again, if it weren’t for my career. I have a lot of love for that city. I absolutely love it, and I miss it terribly. I moved away in 2001, and don’t even get there as much as I’d like to. But I really do miss it. I love it.

D: It’s too bad you can’t live here now! But you do have to be in LA to be I the entertainment business.

C: Yes. But best – if I had to pick a best city, to answer your question, I think it would be San Francisco.

D: Good answer! So in Los Angeles, you work on E! Can you tell us about that?

C: I’ve been on E! for just over two years, and host “The Daily 10,” which actually launched in February 2006. So I actually came to E! specifically to host the show that I still host today.

D: It’s a great show! Do you have any other projects you work on?

C: It’s the main thing I do for E!. I also do a lot of other projects for E! We have specials that come up occasionally that I’ll host. I also do a lot of our Red Carpet coverage for the Academy Awards, the Emmy’s and the Golden Globes. That’s a really fun time of year, award seasons. I look forward to it. It’s amazing and it’s different because it’s live.

D: Do you do acting work as well?

C: I have been dabbling. Trying to dabble in acting a little bit. My background is actually in theater. And I’ve actually just shot a scene for “General Hospital” yesterday, so it’s funny that you asked that.

D: Wow!

C: It’s kind of cool because I covered it for “The Daily Ten.” We did a whole story, and the angle was “Catt goes behind the scenes at ‘General Hospital.'” So it was for E!, but I also got a couple of lines.

D: What did you do on the show?

C: I played a hotel guest at The Metro Court Hotel. My luggage gets lost in the middle of a photo shoot that the main characters are having in the lobby. I just had a couple of lines, but it was great! It was fun. I left there wanting more. I was like, “Wait a minute, only two or three lines?” And that episode airs on June 18th!

D: We’ll have to check that out!

C: Check it out, but if you blink you’ll miss it!

D: Speaking of photo shoots, you look gorgeous on the cover of 944 Magazine! Very sexy.

C: I love that dress I’m wearing. I shot in maybe five different looks, and that was my absolute favorite dress. I’m so glad that they chose that for the cover because it was really darling.

D: Do you find that if you’re really comfortable in the clothes and you really like the way you look, that it produces a better photo?

C: Yes, I totally do, without question. I just did an amazing spread with Gen Luxe magazine. It was a very very different editorial. It was kind of artsy and fairy tale-esque. I had pale skin and very bright colors and all of these huge gowns. It was kind of over the top, and so beautiful. But yes – the dresses that I felt really comfortable in, or that I probably would have picked off the rack myself, those are the ones that produced the best photographs.

D: And I read in your bio that you have a tattoo. Can that be seen in your photos, or is it in a more private location?

C: It’s actually on the inside of my forearm, between my elbow and my wrist, on the inside of my forearm. So you could see it in person, but I don’t think it shows up in any of the 944 photos.

D: Well, it was on my mind because I was just having a conversation with people who have tattoos. They’re in their 30s and they’re so chic, and so put together, but you would never think they had all these tattoos all over the place beneath their clothing!

C: When I moved from Indiana to Los Angeles, when I got the job for “The Daily 10,” there was this perception of me as being this apple-pie girl from the Midwest. But when people found out I had tattoos, even my bosses were like, “YOU have tattoos!?” Even at E! they were in shock! But today it’s not the taboo of what a tattoo used to be. And I love it. I only have two. I also have a very small one on my back. But when I got this one on my arm a little over a year ago I wanted to be able to see it, because I don’t see the one on my back.

D: What does it show?

C: It’s a dove. And it represents this time I was going through in my life where I was craving a need for peace and love and tranquility. It has my kids initials next to it. And it just kind of symbolized a lot to me. It made people nervous when I did it, but now I get a lot of nice feedback, so it’s good.

D: Now about the 944 Magazine launch party – do you know what you’re wearing?

C: I wish I knew what I was wearing. Oh my goodness! I’m sure it will be something fabulous!

D: No doubt about it, Catt!