Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn

See a Lady with a Unicorn Next Year in SF

With the news that Raphael's masterpiece, "Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn" will be on display at the Legion of Honor in January 2016, Damion Matthews takes a look at the enigmatic painting.

Meet Tessie and Birdie: The Women Who Created the Fairmont

The Fairmont Hotel, c. 1907 Senator James Graham Fair was one of California's richest men in the 19th century, and upon his death in 1894 left his fortune to his two daughters and one son. The son was a troubled alcoholic who married a San Francisco prostitute, then died a few years later ...
Amy Winehouse

Two Exhibits About Amy Winehouse at the CJM Not to be Missed!

Amy Winehouse As A Teen Amy Winehouse is the subject of two art exhibitions opening at the Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco. The first, entitled “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait,” was shown first at the Jewish Museum London, will make its United States debut on July 29, 201...

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Zesty Meyers

Tea With Claudia: Zesty Meyers

Claudia Juestel, founder of Adeeni Design Group in San Francisco, sits down for a tea time interview with Zesty Meyers, co-owner of New York's R Gallery.